My Grandmother is My Archive

Date: Friday, May 24, 2019
From: 6:30 pm
Location: unavailable
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On the occasion of the 104th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, the Zavarian Student Association is proud to present

“My Grandmother is My Archive”: Modern Methods to Raise Awareness on Displacement and Genocide

Date: Friday May 24th, 2019
Time: 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Location: United Armenian College, Bourj Hammoud, next to municipality football stadium

The inspiring roundtable comes as Turkey’s president questioned the very existence of archives that prove the occurrence of the Armenian Genocide. Armenian member of the Turkish Parliament, Garo Paylan (of the HDP party) responded that his archive [on the Genocide] is his grandmother [who survived it]. “My Grandmother is My Archive” soon became to be a slogan for all descendants of genocide survivors.

The speakers at this roundtable will be presenting their own projects which utilize modern methods/technology to raise awareness, document and archive stories of displacement and genocide, whether it’s in the context of Armenia or Palestine.

Speakers and Projects:

1- Johannes Mieth – Friedrich Naumann Foundation

“Mayrig – Paths to Freedom” is a smartphone-based interactive story/game covering the timeless topics of genocide, escape and migration.

For more info on the project:

2- Majd Al Shihabi – Palestine Open Maps

“Palestine Open Maps” is an online platform allows users to chart the ongoing colonization of Palestinian villages through historic and present-day (including satellite) maps of Palestine.

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3- Anita Toutikian – Recollecting Family Stories

“Exbroideries” is an analytic art installation of the handmade embroideries of Hripsime Sarkissian, telling her family’s journey of genocide, displacement and survival.

For more info:

Presentations are in English. All are welcome to attend.

For more information: 01 265 078 (5pm to 9pm) or

Zavarian Student Association of ARF was founded in 1904 in Beirut, Lebanon. Simon Zavarian along with eight Armenian scholars established a student association in the American University of Beirut.

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