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Zavarian Student Association of ARF was founded in 1904 in Beirut, Lebanon.

Simon Zavarian

In 1904, Simon Zavarian, the most remarkable figure of the ARF visits all parts of Cilicia for a whole year to collect information about all features of the Armenian population living there and to search for influential and educated members who will form a healthy basis for the Party in the future. Before returning to Europe his last station was in Beirut, which was the most active port of the Ottoman empire on the Mediterranean. There he met the Russian Ambassador Constantine Gamsaragan, an Armenian, who gave him all the necessary information about Armenians in Beirut and their activities. Gamsaragan, who was born in a renowned family, gave Zavarian all the possible support in his mission. At that time, the Armenians in Beirut counted only 40-50 families, but there were a large number of students who were learning at the French and American Universities in spite of the difficult economic conditions. To pay their tuition they used to work as gardeners, porters and waiters in restaurants. Besides their educational chores they did not have any way to preserve their identity as Armenians, because of their small number and the huge difficulties they faced in their daily lives. Simon Zavarian noticed a great revolutionary and nationalist willingness in the Armenian youth in Beirut and without delay started to work in the Embassy by gathering the youth and sharing with them his thoughts and worries. He left Beirut in a peaceful mind and was sure that this group will be strong enough to help the revolutionary works in the Armenian provinces.

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Zavarian Student Association of ARF was founded in 1904 in Beirut, Lebanon. Simon Zavarian along with eight Armenian scholars established a student association in the American University of Beirut.

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