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Socio-Political Awareness

Get introduced to different socio-political ideologies and economic doctrines. Familiarize with current issues. Contribute in raising awareness and making a change!


Armenian Culture & History

Embrace the Armenian identity and culture.

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ZomTalks – Reflections on the Life of a Humanitarian Worker

ZomTalks is a series of lectures that feature individuals of diverse backgrounds and disciplines who share insight and knowledge from their area of expertise with our community. ZomTalks aims to discuss ideas that inform, inspire and empower.

ZGI- Soup Kitchen

The Zavarian Goodwill Initiative is a program designed by Zavarian Student Association to give back to its community, where ZSA members and volunteers come together to work for the common good; contribute for the needy, also to help protect our environment for future generations.
Raising awareness and serving our community lies within our core values.

No Culture Left Behind – Live Bands & Exhibition

“No Culture Left Behind” is a cultural event commemorating the 103rd anniversary of the Armenian Genocide through music, art, and interactive exhibitions, in solidarity with other persecuted cultures.

The event’s focus is ethnocide: the systematic and deliberate destruction of the culture of ethnic groups.

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Zavarian Student Association of ARF was founded in 1904 in Beirut, Lebanon. Simon Zavarian along with eight Armenian scholars established a student association in the American University of Beirut.

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